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No printers are available in BricsCAD

We have one old computer, install there after reinstall old licence of v13, Everything works well, except Printers. In dialog isn't available any printers. It's empty. Any suggestion? We tried make new profile, but same situation...


  •  BricsCAD uses the Windows printers. If no printers are installed Windows, no printers are available in BricsCAD either.
  •  But problem is that printers in Windows are available...
  • Do any printers show up when invoking PLOTTERMANAGER?
  • What about the spooler service, if it is down will you still see system printers?
  • Just thinking about this a bit more after reading that you can see system printers,  first thing I would check is that you .pc3 files still exist and that the folder that they live in has been set in the options menu under the PLOTCFGPATH.  Could be it be that the folder where these .pc3 files live has had its security settings set such that their is no read access to the folder?  You could also try creating a new .pc3 printer by running the plot command and making a couple of changes to a printer and see  what happens.
  •  Thanks all for answers. Just now, I had chance sit at this computer...

    1/ printer are of cource available and work from other SW (example TrueView)
    3/ spooler service run
    4/ PLOTCFGPATH is standard

    But, information which I don't known to this time is - If I want print / enter PLOT command, I get this message "No printers present in system" ( and When I want use PUBLISH, BricsCAD crash.
  • Hi Jurag,

    I would try uninstalling BricsCAD. Then re-install. When you re-install, try right clicking on the setup file and run as admin (assuming its a recent version of windows, and your using 32bit version).


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts
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