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I'm creating more and more complex 3D mechanical models these days, and finding that it takes a long time to save these drawings, especially if they contain threaded holes.    I hit "CTRL-S" and there is about a 2 minute delay before the save completes.  This alone is not a problem.  The problem is my work is interrupted by autosaves throughout the day.   Apparently, I have three autosaves going on.   A *.bak file is saved to my project folder (where the *.dwg resides).  Another *.bak, and a *.sv$ go to an independent folder (Y:AUTOSAVES), that is called out in the Save File Path.   (I believe our IT department set that up.)   All three of these files are complete drawings, which can be opened by BricsCAD.

I know it is important to have a backup file.   But how do I limit my backups to one extension and location?

Bricsys support told me the *.sv$ files are supposed to be temporary and disappear once I stop working on the associated *.dwg.  However, they stay put until I delete them.


  • There is only one autosave. Whenever an autosave occurs the extension of the previous .SV$ file is changed to .bak before a new .SV$ file is created. Whenever the user saves the drawing a similar process occurs. The previous .dwg file is renamed using the .bak extension and then a new .dwg file is created.

    Setting ISAVEBAK to 0 will prevent the renaming of previous .SV$ and .dwg files to .bak files. But I strongly advise setting ISAVEBAK to 1.

    I do not think that BricsCAD ever cleans up autosave files. But you can use a disk cleanup for that. And it is perhaps possible to automate this.

    Backup files with the .bak extension are also created when a drawing is saved by the user. This
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  • SAVETIME determines the interval when automatic saving happens ...
    SAVETIME=0 disables automatic save.
  •  Sorry to bring up an old thread, but could anyone tell me where the autosave files are located by default? I can't seem to find any field in the setting area to note where the file path is.

  • look for SAVEFILEPATH.
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