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Is this the correct forum for BIM questions?

I have noticed that the old BIM forum is no longer listed on
Does this mean that it will be discontinued and that the 'BricsCAD (Windows)' forum is the new forum for BIM questions?


  • I also was also wondering if there is any documentation on the new BIM features?    I don't see any BIM content (except for the windows), i.e. doors, wall types, stairs, plumbing fixtures, etc.  does this all have to be created by the user?  Is there a tutorial etc.? 
    Sorry for my ignorance, BIM is new to me and looks promising.
    I planned to evaluate the BIM features and integrate into some of my projects with the trial license before I decided to upgrade from pro to platinum.

  • I did a search in help for bim  / whats new overview...
    about a third of the way down is some info on bim and links to some of the commands.

    Hopefully the 2015 pdf manual will be available soon.
    It will help a lot.
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