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Export to DFW in monochrome

Is there a way to set a CTB file or something similar for exporting to DWF format?  A local city is accepting files in DFW format for plan review, but requires the DWF files to be monochrome.  I haven't found a way to do that other than explode all the blocks then change all entities to color 7.


  • Just select DWF Writer (free from Autodesk) as the printer. Use the same CTB file as you normally use, unless you normally print in color.
    If you normally print in color, make a special version of your CTB file for printing in black and white. Change all the output colors to black.

    When you say they're accepting DWF files, do you mean they're accepting only that, and not the industry standard PDF format?
  • I had no issue with EXPORT to DWF in V14 & V15. I used "Binary DWF v6.0" output option. I got B&W providing I had already applied the correct CTB to the layout.

    That said Anthony's option would provide more flexibility such as being able to use the PUBLISH command to generate.

    My guess is that the city is using AutoDESK Design Review to check & review documents.


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts 

  • Thanks.

    The city is in fact using AutoDESK Design Review.

    I did not have success applying a monochrome CTB then exporting to DWF, but I only did a brief test.  Very few of my clients have requested that I provide DWF so this is not a high priority, but I do want to be ready for next time.  I have downloaded DWF Writer (although I despise companies that force me to install yet another download manager to be able to access their files) and will try it out.
  • Dear Martin,

    yes - you can & could uninstall that Akamai download Manager afterwards ... at least a bit consolation :-)
    Many greetings !
  • Martin,

    You could provide files to the City in PDF format. Design Review can open PDF files (they get converted to DWF on the fly). To do this I think the City would need to install DWF Writer to enable. For .dwg they would need to install DWG trueview (again converts to DWF on the fly).

    Perhaps the City should consider BricsCAD Classic, it makes for a very good reviewer. Has some additional features missing from Design Review :-)


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts 

  • Jason,

    The city is Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.  They specifically state that only monochrome DWF files are acceptable.  They do not accept PDF or scans.  From what I can tell their approach is not very popular.
  • I might be suggesting something obvious, but don't forget to check 'plot with plotstyles'
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