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Hi guys, on my machine I have a "magnetic " cursor to ortho mode. How do I explain this ? Without using ortho the cursor dynamically snaps to 0 an 90° .GREAT. But the other Machines lack this and I have no clue as to what setting Controls this. PLS help me. My guess is some other people might also find ut useful once you start using it. Ortho mode is ( basically) redundant to me these days.



  • I HATE this spent 2 Days looking for it. Wrote this. opened settings and found it . AUTOSNAP / POLAR TRACKING. !      CHEERS

  • This depends on whether or not POLAR is set (see status bar tab: POLAR). If POLARMODE is set (value <>0 ) a  (blue) polar tracking path line displays from the origin point when you move the cursor near to one of the polar tracking angles. Looks as if, on your system, your are using the default Polar angle of 90. For this value a tracking line will display for multiples of that angle: 90,180,270,0. For a polar angle value of 30 tracking lines will display for 30,60,90,120,...etc
  • I HATE this spent 2 Days looking for it. Wrote this. opened settings and found it . AUTOSNAP / POLAR TRACKING. !      CHEERS

    Dear Patrick
    I'm sure you will love this feature in the future. Notice that hitting the Shift key locks tracking lines, which will turn red to indicate it is locked. Hit the shift key again to unlock it. Entity snap points are projected orthogonally onto a locked tracking line.

  • Thanks guys, what would be even better would be if I could hover over an entitysnap hit shift to lock that and the move the cursor around  and snap to other stuff. Lets say I want to go perp to a line but pass it up to something else.

  • You can always type in the name of the snap, if you would like to snap perpendicularly to an existing line, type PER and hit enter and your snaps will be filtered to only include the perpendicular snaps.

    When it comes to snapping what drives me crazy and causes all sorts of errors is how the application creates temporary tracking points and vectors between your current position and other snaps that you happen to hover over.  I can see the usefulness of this, but in 95% of the drafting that get's done this creates confusion and errors.  When you are attempting to track from one point the application picks another snap that you are hovering near, sets a temporary tracking point off of that snap, when you move the cursor you now have a whole bunch of tracking vectors and, if you don't really take the time to choose which points area connecting you can cause drawing errors.
  • Scott the typing doesnt help if ypu for example want to go perpendicular a line but crossing it up to some other edge.  There is an exemplary video of what can be done here
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