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copy and paste

I have problem. whenever I copy some entities, when I PASTE them, they come out in an OLE FORMAT.

Kindly help me

Michael Cokwana


  • Are you copying and pasting from the clipboard, using the "pasteclip" command to insert into the drawing ? 
  • yes I am using paste clip command


  • if I do not want to use paste clip command, how do I go about


  • yes I did use pasteclip command. I wish to know how to paste without using pasteclip


    Michael Cokwanal

  • In what program are you copying from, and how are you getting the "entities" into the clipboard ?
  • It seems like you are possibly trying to paste from a text editor or sorts, if you where pasting from a plain text editor, like "NOTEPAD" the text would paste in as text not an OLE object.  However in trying to paste in from some other non-ascii editor like "WORD" it paste in as an OLE object. You can do a straight drag and drop method to get the test in, however it will follow the convention above.
  • Dear Michael
    If you want to copy paste from a text editor or an Excel Spreadsheet try the Paste Special option from the Edit menu (PASTESPEC command). You can then choose how you want to paste the selection in a dialog box.

  • I find that I can paste formatted text (copied to the clipboard from a word processor or a spreadsheet) into Bricscad.

    In the word processor or spreadsheet, I select text or cells and use the Copy command or Ctrl-C.
    In Bricscad I create an Mtext entity (or copy an existing Mtext entity and double-click to open it, and then select all the text).
    Then I press Ctrl-V to paste in whatever's on the clipboard.

    The only formatting that comes in with the text is tabs and line breaks. Spreadsheet cells come in as tabs and line breaks.

    I tried using PASTESPEC, which I never knew about before reading this thread, but it always gave me OLE objects.
  • I tried using PASTESPEC, which I never knew about before reading this thread, but it always gave me OLE objects.
    If you choose 'Rich Text format' or 'Unicode Text' in the  Paste Special dialog box the text is pasted as an Mtext entity using the current text style. Please notice that the Width of the Mtext is 0 (zero). Select the Mtext, then adjust the Width in the Properties Bar.

  •  Hello!

    I used autocad afor a long time, and i decide
    to try the bricscad.
    What is bodering me  is the pateclip function.
    Why does not exist the pateclip window like in autocad.

    Best regards

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