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3DConnexion support on Mac


I couldn't find any information on 3DConnexion support on the v15 Mac version and my SpaceNavigator isn't working on BricsCad but does on AutoCad.

Any information about that ?



  • Hello Steffen,

    we are actively working on 3Dconnexion support in BricsCAD(Mac) at the moment.  Our aim is to have it implemented this month.

    On the BricsCAD comparison sheet you can see that "Support for 3Dconnexion mouse" is currently only available in BricsCAD(Windows).

  • Hi Tijs,

    thats fantastic news. I'm running the demo currently and found this the only missing feauture for me.

    Great software and with Mac support - exactly what I was looking for.

  • Hello again,

    do I need to register for testing beta versions ? There are some significant issues on the current version that already made me running the Windows version via VirtualBox.

    Issues have already been reported by me.

  • Hi,

    2 months have passed - any news on the SpaceMouse support ?

  •  >2 months have passed - any news on the SpaceMouse support ? 
    The implementation is not yet finished.

    >>Our aim is to have it implemented this month.
    Famous last words.
    Work on 3DConnexion mouse support was interrupted by other tasks.
    In particular, the developer working on 3DConnexion mouse switched to urgent .Net API issues.

    I have now increased the priority of 3DConnexion mouse support in response to your question.

    Kind Regards
    Tijs Vermeulen
  • Space navigator works very well in  Bricscad v16.18 for OS X. Love it.
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