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is there a pre-defined keyboard shortcut to toggle dynamic input on/off? AutoCAD's F12 switches quad cursor, which I don't use.

Is there a way to map F12 to different function toggling? I know how to change keyboard shortcuts, but I am not sure it's possible to apply one key to toggle stuff.

BTW, I tried all F-keys and was surprised about F4 functionality "Tablet on/off". Does anyone know what this means?



  • I don't think there is a pre-defined keyboard shortcut to toggle dynamic input on/off.
    I am not entirely sure though.  Anyway, you can assign a shortcut to this lisp one-liner:

    (setvar 'dynmode (* -1 (getvar 'dynmode)))

    It multiplies the value of DYNMODE by minus one, so it toggles its sign.  A negative value of DYNMODE has no effect, but it remembers the individual bit flags that were enabled.

    In the Customize dialog (command CUI), in the keyboard tab, you can add or modify any shortcut and set the command to the lisp one-liner.  Whether or not you can assign F12 depends on your OS settings.  I am currently working on mac and F12 did not work in BricsCAD because some OS function was assigned to it.  It did work with F1 however.  If I would disable F12 in my OS settings, it should work with F12 in BricsCAD as well.

    The 'tablet' feature is to connect a graphics tablet or digitizer.
  • Hi Tijs,

    thanks for your help. After this thread being dead for a while I posted the same question into the windows forum and got advice there:

    Sorry for not updating this thread with the answer.

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