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Tomas Polak
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is there a pre-defined keyboard shortcut to toggle dynamic input on/off?
AutoCAD's F12 switches quad cursor, which I don't use.

Is there a way to map F12 to different function toggling?
I know how to change keyboard shortcuts, but I am not sure it's possible to apply one key to toggle stuff.

BTW, I tried all F-keys and was surprised about F4 functionality "Tablet on/off". Does anyone know what this means?


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  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
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    By default, there is a button in the status bar to toggle DYNMODE.
    If you want to create your own button you can use a macro like this one:


    About 'Tablet on/off': This does not refer to a tablet computer but to an input device that can be used instead of a mouse.

  • Hi Roy,
    thanks for the macro suggestion. I know about the button in the status bar, so there's no need for another one. It's that I often switch between having dynamic input on/off and it would be much faster to use a keyboard key instead of clicking a button.
    Ragarding the tablet, that is what I was thinking, I just wasn't sure.

    Best regards,
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    I have the following in my custom .cui file to remap the F1 key so that it does not bring up HELP.

    <MenuGroup Name="ENCO">
        <MacroGroup Name="ENCOMacros">
            <MenuMacro UID="E1_NoF1">
                    <Name>Accelerator INTERNAL+"F1"</Name>

    This was created from a .mns file that I used in Autocad which included


    I haven't tried it but something similar might work for F12. 
    I'd try using the macro Roy posted in place of the ^P^P.

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  • @ Tomas:
    As Martin has pointed out you can use the same macro for a keyboard shortcut.
  • The forum software stripped out most of the XML codes in the first code box of my earlier post.  I have replaced the 'less than' symbols in the original with '{' and the greater than' symbols with '}' in this repost. 
    {CustSection xml:lang="en-US"}
      {MenuGroup Name="ENCO"}
        {MacroGroup Name="ENCOMacros"}
          {MenuMacro UID="E1_NoF1"}
              {Name}Accelerator INTERNAL+"F1"{/Name}
    PASTE CODE HERE[/code]
  • Roy and Martin,
    thank you very much for your suggestions. I never actually used macros or edited cui file in tahat way, so it will take a little time to try this stuff for me. I'll keep you updated about my progress.
  • The easiest way to do this would be to copy the following into a fine named MYSTUFF.MNS


    Save the file.  Open Bricscad and issue the MENULOAD command.  Search for the file you just saved.  The default for search is for CUI files, so you'll need to change the file type to search for at the bottom of the search window to MNU/MNS.  After the file is located click on LOAD. 
  • Hi Martin,
    your method works like a charm, and it's very easy to implement. :)
    I changed the key to F1 instead of F12, because of the same problem you have - sometimes I trigger the help button by mistake.
    Thanks a lot.

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