BIM polysolid cross section question

when using POLYSOLID command to create walls of building, the corners of walls are show in attached picture in cross section. This is not correct for architectural plan. Is there a way to solve this porblem? I know that I can use UNION command to join those two walls, but then the solid becomes "dumb" and it doesn't take advantage of advanmced BIM functions as BIMDRAG or BIMINSERT. Does anyone know solution to this problem?


  • Hello Tomas,
    I guess there is no real solution at the moment:
    If you want to make use of BIM-functionality and maybe exchange data via ifc, glueing walls together would indeed be a bad idea.
    That the wall joints are visible on screen and also when using generic commands like section or sectionplane is IMHO correct behavior. But there ought to be a BIM-aware command to create sections that conform to architectural drafting standards, by detecting coincident faces in solids that share the same material, and glueing these together in the output. Maybe viewsection is meant to be such a tool, but unfortunately, I could not get it to work at all.
    Maybe the best solution would be yet another variable that decides whether all the 2d-generating commands (section, sectionplane, flatshot, viewbase and viewsection) will work as they do now, or rather try to detect and clean up these cases...
  • Hi Knut,

    thanks for explaining the problem. I guess I'll have to find workaround for this problem until it's solved.
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