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Communicator trial not working?

Have the latest Brics Platinum but can't seem to get the trial for the communicator module working. Went to file menu and activated it but try to open a Creo file I get the message to install communicator. It tells me I have 31 days remaining on the trial so it's "in there" somewhere. Anyone come across this? 


  • Did you download and install the communicator module? It's a separate download to BricsCAD


    Jason Bourhill

    CAD Concepts 

  • That's probably the culprit right there. Thanks Jason!
  •  Hello Jason,
    Please provide additional instructions, as Communicator V16 will not open a SLDASM file, which V15 did open.  I had been using the trial version of Communicator V15.  I removed both Bricscad and Communicator V15 before loading V16 of each.  Bricscad V16 Pro is running well, with its new licence.  Communicator is still on the 31-day trial.
        Dan S.
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