3D card advice wanted!

Currently running with an i7 2600 @ 3.4GHz, 16GB DDR3 ram & a Radeon 6450. Lately as my modeling gets more complex zooming, picking and etc. is getting slow with a lot of stuttering and such. Do I need to consider just getting a new rig or just get a Nvidia Quadro card with 2GB or more memory? 


  • Depends on the fact if You are drawing primarily in 3D or most in 2D.
    For 3D go for a high end AMD or high en nvidia consumer card based on GDDR5 video ram.
    if you have to deal with large 3D drawings, then fireGL or Quadro, these have specific cad drivers.

    I started out with a quadro k600 but moved to quadro K2000
    4GB video ram or more.

    2D  not so important, if something does not work so fluently, check first for hardware drivers.
    And if it still goes rather slow, something faster then the 6450

    My cad computer has 32GB ram, and Bricscad is installed on SSD.


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