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Hide parameters in mechanical components

Is there a way to hide parameters when create mechanical components. There are parameters that do not need to be exposed when forming a new component.
See the attached sample: two distance parameters (Distance_9/Distance_10) are just for constraining not to allow the user to change the value. When I load the component these two parameters are visible.
Inventor has the concept of "key" parameter when you need to "expose" the constraint out of the model. It is useful to encapsulate the component logic. It would be nice to have this feature in BricsCAD.



  • My first thought was that this should be achievable by nesting the component. I have tried this with a BIM window. But it does not really work.

    My steps:
    1. Insert a BIM window in a new dwg.
    2. Using the -PARAMETERS command create two new parameters H_Main and W_Main.
    3. Edit the parameters in the Properties Bar. Enter H_Main in the H field and W_Main in the W field. Note that these values will be replaced by numerical values, but editing the '*_Main' parameters shows that it seems to work...
    4. Save the dwg.
    5. Open another dwg and BIMINSERT the dwg from step 4.
    6. Result: Only the H_Main is available (and editable!).


  • Oops...
    I have just now retested this and in fact it does work! Both the H_Main and the W_Main parameter are functional.
    And using the Mechanical Browser is of course much easier than using the -PARAMETER command.

    But this method is not ideal especially if there are many constraints. And to be usable as a BIM window you would have to add a BIM_SUBTRACT solid with 3D constraints to Nested_BIM_Window.dwg.
  • Old topic, but upon looking for something about constraints came up this post. Hope it help others.

    Mechanical browser--->Exposed (options are)
    I believe OFF/Auto will serve the purpose. ;-)

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