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How do I edit the font sizes in an existing v14 table?

I am, again, trying to work with tables in BricsCAD v14 in an effort to avoid coarsely pixelated PDF files.  But, the message I found also indicated that I cannot get all the problems solved at once.  Either I use the native PDF export and the line art in the drawing is pixelated, and the spreadsheet data I pasted from Excel is not, or I use a PDF printer driver, and the results are vice. versa. I don't see evidence that I could ever get both the drawing and the spreadsheet non-pixelated.

A the moment, I have a table was created by importing the data from an Excel XML file..  But, it is way too big. I need to make it smaller by decreasing the font size. But the only way I seem to be able to do that, is to edit each cell individually.  The following methods have failed;

1) Editing the table style either or before I created the table.
2) Selecting all of the cells by dragging my mouse over all the cells, and then right clicking to select "Clear Cell Overrides".
3) Same as above, but selecting "Clear Table Overrides".

Note that if I create a new table from scratch, using the same table style and manually typing the data, the data text will follow the format set in the table style.  But, I can't find a way to clear the font size that apparently came in when the Excel data was imported.  I was able to have some effect by changing the font in Excel, before I exported it to an XML file.  But, I often need to tweak the table in BricsCAD to get everything to fit.  I would think there is a way to change the font used in a table, or am I wrong?



  •  With further trial and error, I discovered that highlighting the cells in Excel, copying and then using PASTE SPECIAL/CSV FORMAT will paste a table that is stripped of its formatting overrides.   Then, I can apply a table style which will work.  However, when I use this method, many of the cells are not properly distributed.  The trigger for that behavior seems to be the presence of a " to indicate inches.  So, the CSV is assuming that is the start of a text field that does not end.  So, the CSV format is out.

    Any other ideas about how to get data from Excel into a table?


  • Thanks, that solved a bunch of issues.  I especially liked the automatic resizing of the spreadsheet to fit the data.


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