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floating layer dock?

Is there any way to get the layer manager in the drawing explorer to behave as a floating dock (e.g. like the mechanical browser, bim components or sheet set manager)? this is one of the few things I really miss from acad, as I used it a lot. I know I can get there by typing "layer" or assign it to a hotkey, but it's still not as fluent..


  • Agreed - In some ways incl this, and the general 'look', BricsCAD is pure Acad 2005 (i.e. verrry old fashioned) - and is one of the reasons I upgraded to Acad 2009 before switching to BricsCAD, for many good other reasons.
  • Drawing Explorer contains more than just layers. In many situations it is much more efficient than ending commands and switching dialogs (as in AutoCAD).

    With that said, our users requested the same for layers. Ultimately, we had JTB World create a custom layer control for us that floats and is dockable just like AutoCAD.

    @Tom. Agreed on the look opinion in a few areas. Options is a good example. It is difficult to navigate, I think in part because there is just so much there. However, it does let me get to all of the options whereas the "better looking" tabbed dialog in AutoCAD does not. AutoCAD's  more modern look doesn't = better in many cases.
  • Oh I agree it's wonderful to have both Explorer and Settings all in one place with consistent look and feel. All that's needed is better, less utilitarian design - the Acad post-2009 'look' isn't ideal, to be copied, either.
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