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Extrude to limits

In the "Fitness building with lofted roofs" Bricsys TV tutorial at about time 5:30 there is an operation which seems to be an extrude to limits of the rear wall of the example building up to the inner surface of the lofted roof. I can extrude to limits for the side walls just fine. When I try the same for the rear wall, I get "Failed to create limited extrusion for some of the selected entities." I suspect that's because I'm not selecting both inner faces of the roof as limits, but I can't seem to make that happen.

I can finish the wall and continue with the tutorial by the tried and true method of extruding it high up, subtracting a copy of the roof, separating and then deleting the extra piece of the wall. Not nearly as elegant, though. Any ideas?

I do enjoy the tutorials -- good exercises and I always learn something.


  • I have not managed to do this either. I am able to select the whole roof solid by hitting Tab a couple of times. And this solid is accepted as valid input, but the walls then do not extrude at all. I have solved it by slicing the rear façade in two, and doing it in two steps. One for each bottom face of the roof.
    There are some other confusing bits in the video. One of which is: how do you grip stretch two points at the same time?
  • That one I finally figured out; took a while. Once you've selected the line and have green control points, hold down the shift key when selecting the first point (or multiple points).

    Also learned from the video the new (?) trick of pulling an edge up as a line on a face by using the offset in the quad. That's handy.
  • Thanks for your explanation Richard. We are both learning some new tricks here.
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