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Tooltip on Mac


Are tooltips implemented on Mac ? In the settings dialog a hyperlink tooltip toggle is available, however the tooltip does not seem to show in BricsCAD on Mac...
I use tooltips for my app so i'm wondering if the BricsCAD Mac API does allow tooltips at all.

ty !


  • Hello Dirk,

    I did not know that feature, I had to look it up.
    Apparently hyperlink tooltips indeed does not work on Mac, please report in a support request.
    I also tested the hyperlink menu, that does work properly.

    I tested these steps:
    - use HYPERLINK command to set a hyperlink on some object, including a description
    - use HYPERLINK again to check whether the specified values are applied: OK
    - enable ENABLEHYPERLINKTOOLTIP (disabled by default)
    - hover over the object, the hyperlink description should appear: NOT OK
    - enable ENABLEHYPERLINKMENU (enabled by default)
    - select the object with hyperlink, right click (to avoid quad action on right click, keep right button down for context menu)
      the context menu does contain hyperlink at the bottom: OK

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