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DES and VLX, what is the difference?

I found some really good tools compiled for BricsCAD in the form of .DES files that where programmed in lisp.

Googled it and it is descriped that .DWS is somehow just the same as protected lisp / fas in a .VLX file.

So, as (Auto)CAD user, i tried to rename these tools to a .VLX loading them in AutoCAD. Allthough it said ok, loaded i could not fool AutoCAD

My question is what is the diffence between DEScoder and the Visual Lisp coder exactly?

Can someone you uses BricsCAD or AutoCAD make from .DES .VLX files and vice versa?

Thanks in advance for some more information ?


  • DES format is the counterpart for .VLX, to be used inside BricsCAD; DEScoder.exe is the utility to generate the .DES file, from VisualLisp project files or from single files.

    Both VLX and DES are "container" files :
    - containing Lisp sources in encrypted format; encryption is specific for each system
    - additionally can contain DCL and TXT files as "extended resources"

    Because the encryption is system-specific, you can neither load + run the files in the other CAD system, nor you can convert them.

    See ApplicationCatalaog : there is "Lisp Developer Support Package", a free toolset including documentations for all LISP stuff in BricsCAD.

    Hope this explains a bit ...
  • Thought so ;-)

  • Dear Hans,

    just a minor hint - for your comfort :-)
    Assuming, you have your application in 2 file (for AutoCAD + BricsCAD), as "myApp.vlx" and "myApp.des" ...
    then you can simply use :
    (load "myApp")
    instead of conditional
    (load "myApp.vlx") resp. (load "myApp.des")

    => Each system searches for own appropriate files, if file extension is omitted ...
    hence, (load "myApp") will automatically load the correct file on both CAD systems.

    many greeitngs !

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