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3D Constraints Challenge: DmDistance3d and Conical Transition

I am experimenting with 3D constraints. I have created an axle from two cylinders, with different diameters, and a cone for the transition. I want to create a DmDistance3d constraint between the circular edge at the top of what is now a conical transition, and the top face of the axle. Somehow this is not possible. The only way to achieve what I want is to introduce an additional 'helper' solid. See the attached file.

I don't like the 'helper' solid and wonder if there is another way to accomplish this.


  • Good news! Creating a DmDistance3d constraint between two concentric circular edges or faces in now possible (BricsCAD V16.2). You can switch between the 'Axes' option (default) and the new 'Centers' option.
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