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Title bars for pop-ups

I am testing Bricscad for Linux on Mint 17.3 to see if we can move from Windows to Linux.  Linux is a fresh install on a dedicated computer and Bricscad is the only program I have added.

When I open the setting pop-up there is no title bar.  This means there is no way to close the pop-up and no way to exit Bricscad.  Any help on getting the title bars for pop-up to appear would be appreciated.


  • Dear Martin,

    which flavor of Mint 17.3 did you install ?
    As there are several desktop systems (old-timers prefer classical Gnome 2, maybe Gnome 3 ...), could be that the "title bar" is from Ubuntu style, shown in top bar on desktop ?
    You might try to choose Gnome 2/3 as desktop system ... ?
    many greetings !
  • Torsten -  I installed Cinnamon.  I'm trying to stay as close to Windows operation as possible to make the transition easier.  We have used a Linux server for many years but Linux on the desktop is new for us.

    Nicolas -  Thanks.
  • Dear Martin,
    from my experience, Gnome 2 (or Gnome 3) seems closest to Windows desktop ...
    as far as I know, you can select the desktop to be used even before login ? Meaning, not only at installation time ...
    but you can also switch later ...
    many greetings !
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