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CAD Measure - use of BricsCAD for measurement and takeoff

 I have a large Middle Eastern contractor using CAD Measure from Causeway in their estimation department. The quantity surveyors use the application for measurements and takeoffs on projects they are bidding on. This means that they most of the time receive normal 2D CAD drawings (no BIM model and often not even the 3D file) as part of the tender documents, and need to calculated areas and products. So far they have used CAD Measure for that purpose.
I got the question from the IT Manager if BricsCAD could be used as a replacement for CAD Measure to measure and calculate. With the BIM functionality, it should be possible to assign material and make BOQs. 
Anyone having experience CAD Measure and suggestions on how to use BricsCAD instead. It must at least be an efficient process as they are used to with CAD Measure.
Per O Gogstad (Dubai)


  •  I have just the application you are looking for. We managed to connect Excel with Bricscad (Interactive - meaning you are able to trace the measurement by calling objects from Cad and vice versa) for the purpose of quantity taking off and BQ production.
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