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Structured test of BricsCAD up against AutoCAD

I am discussing with a large contractor on replacing AutoCAD with BricsCAD in their organisation. We are planning a test of BricsCAD, but know that the big hurdle in the change process will be the CAD operators, the management is the easy part. Here in the region, and maybe other places as well, it is important they have on their CV that they have worked with AutoCAD. Due to that, the operators will when testing BricsCAD point out the smallest difference and insignificant thing as a big problem, just to avoid changing from AutoCAD.
Due to this reason, we want to run a 'structured' test of BricsCAD where all major CAD ‘processes’ are evaluated and commented on, this means the 'processes' that also can be run in AutoCAD. For this test we need a step-by step 'questionnaire' that all the operators testing BricsCAD have to go through and comment on. No problem if it is a little bit BricsCAD biased. This way we hope to keep focus on important things and avoid the unimportant parts.
Anyone having such a 'test questionnaire' or having suggestion to it? 
Per O Gogstad (Dubai)
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