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Dashed line when moving, copying ect. object

can someone help me out with this it's driving me insane, I just installed V16.2... and now there is a orange dashed line that shows my selection points when moving an object.... how do I turn this off???


  • I like the new move vector line, if that is what it is called, although its current styling matches the styling of one of my layers so I would like to tweak it slightly; for me, having a contrast between a snap tracking vector and the this vector (between the base point and current mouse position) makes it easy to see where I am about to move something in relation to a tracking vector, especially in 3D when I am tracking multiple additional angles.
  • It is indeed the new "rubberband" design - made to better distinguish the rubberband from a plain line entity;
    and it can partially fix the self-XORing effects when modifying entities (i.e. stretch a rectangle).

    It can not be configured yet (for its color), best to send us a support request that you want to have it configurrable.
    many greetings !
  •  So it's not possible to format it (i.e. change colors, etc) but is it possible to turn the thing completely off? It's driving me nuts too.
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