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Materiales and bim

I have just upgraded to bricscad 2016.
Is it yet possible to see the materials used in bim modus (composite wall fi), or is that work in progress?
I see that each building material has its own appearance in 3D but don't find how I can render this. This would very helpful to be sure that each element has the right material.
By extracting data to a CSV file, is it possible to get the units in m, m² and m³ ? Now it is all in cm, cm² and cm³.  I have already set the units in the settings in m and in the property window the program give the right measurements.  But when extracting it changes all in cm, cm² and cm³.

Kind regards,
Wim Van Landschoot
architect for pvl architects


  • Releasenotes 16.2.02 says

    UNIT DISPLAY: Any length, area or volume property can now be displayed using the unit(s) preferred by the user.
    The unit defined by INSUNITS is used as the base unit for any requested unit conversions. If INSUNITS is set to '0' (undefined) the PROPUNITS mechanism is disabled because the base drawing unit is undefined.

    • PROPUNITS: system variable to control unit display and conversion applied when displaying property values.
      The PROPUNITS sysvar stores a combination of flags:
      • Format length properties
      • Format area properties
      • Format volume properties
      • Format dynamic dimensions

    I have not played with it.

  • I think the PROPUNITS are only used for the Properties Bar.
    To convert units when using the DataExtraction command you have to specify an Additional Format (3rd dialog, 4th column).
  • I think the PROPUNITS are only used for the Properties Bar.
    PROPUNITS also apply to dynamic distance fields.
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