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Snap, Esnap, Strack

Beats me, what's the difference between Snap and Esnap - on the status bar yes Esnap toggles all snapping on or off but toggling Snap has no effect - it just follows Esnap.

Similarly, Strack toggle has no effect on Snap tracking - it still displays Polar tracking lines regardless - though as per I'm not getting other kinds of tracking lines at all.


  • Dear Tom
    Snap refers to the 'magnetic' points of the Grid, at least if GRID and SNAP settings are synchronized. Snap has nothing to do with Esnap (Entity Snap).
    Yous say "Strack toggle has no effect on Snap Tracking." This is not true. The Strack field in the status bar toggles entity snap tracking on/off. Whether tracking lines display when creating lines or polylines is controlled by the Polar setting.
    Please watch the tutorial movie about Polar Tracking and Entity Snap Tracking:
    Kind regards
  • Non-e snap snaps to grid points, not to points on entities. If the grid is very small in relation to your current zoom factor, then snap will appear to do nothing, but if you zoom in (or increase the snap spacing) you'll see that it's like trying to draw on a pegboard.
  • 12 (?) years with Acad and I never knew that!
  • A lot of people don't know about grid snap, until we find that we can't start or end a line where we want to because some paranormal force is preventing us from clicking on the point we want. Then we have to call in an exorcist, who explains how non-entity snap works.
  • They are all explained in HELP :-)  SNAP, POLAR/ORTHO, ESNAP/OSNAPSTRACK. When doing training for new users, I would start with all drawing aids off, then introduce them one by one (layering up). Otherwise it is easy to get confused as to where an action is coming from. Remember you can right click on all these options in the status bar to go directly to their SETTINGS.

    Object selection is another one that people sometimes fail to appreciate. It is well worth spending some time to look at SELECTion options, and QSELECT. There is a video on Bricsys TV for quick select

    Jason Bourhill

  • The most odd thing is that GRID and SNAP can be set to different values. I think this is a remnant from old days when graphics was slow. To me the GRID should be snappable or off I dont see the value of snaps in space. I have made a script that always sync them before i show the grid. This has been discussed before and I accept that it propably works this way for compatibility reasons. For someone who want to use it be aware that it might be a good idea to set limits in modelspace as the grid stays withing that area.
  • I think most people would want different spacing for Grid and Snap. I don't use either one, but I know people who use a 1/4" x 1/4" or even 1" x 1" snap grid so they can draw to that level of accuracy and not have to enter distances as they draw. But a 1/4" x 1/4" display grid would make the drawing hard to read. They'd probably want a much larger spacing for the display grid.
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