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Missing .dwg files

We are having an issue with a particular .dwg file disappearing completely from our network folder.  As in, the file is saved and closed at the end of the day and is nowhere to be found the next morning.  Fortunately, between the .bak and .sv$ files, we are able to recover our work and create a new .dwg file.  Then, the next morning, it is the same story: the recreated .dwg is not there.  Is there some obscure setting/variable that would cause this?  Our IT provider will be checking to make sure that it isn't a network issue.  Since the .dwg file in question was created by importing CAD files from other sources (architect, engineer, and surveyor) and this isn't happening to all of our .dwg files, I am wondering if there is a write-protection/save/lock setting that was activated in one of the second-party files.


  • To my knowledge .bak files are created by renaming .dwg files. So the fact that you have recent .bak files in your network folder suggests that the network is OK and that BricsCAD is able to save the file. Since the file disappears overnight I think there must be some kind of automated network task at play. Maybe your Anti-Virus is overactive and detects some 'heuristic' pattern in the file causing it to be quarantined.
  • Interesting, does it disappear if stored locally and not on the server? - This may point to a drawing or BricsCAD software issue.  If you open it and save the drawing to the folder and then open up Windows Explorer does the file exist after saving or are you being told by the software that it is saving but it actually isn't being saved?
  • @ Renee:
    Can you please keep us updated on this problem?
    I'd really like to know what is behind 'The Mystery of the Disappearing Drawing File'.
  •  An interesting problem.

    Have you tried saving the file using a different file name (i.e. - use "Save As...")?
  • I created a folder on my hard drive and have been saving a second copy of the .dwg files there.  And, ta-da, they are NOT disappearing.  So, my suspicion is that this is a network issue.  While looking for reports of similar issues, I found this article... 

    ... and forwarded it to the boss.  The IT company that we use will have to look into it.  I have hit a wall with any fresh approaches to correcting the issue.  Thanks for the feedback.  If I find out what solution is reached, I'll post it.

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