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BIMINSERT elements bomb out

I have an annoying propblem with ver 15. my windows and doors that have been inserted into walls and have the cut-out nicely opened in the wall then don't have the cut-out anymore when I open the drawing later: I have to remove and reinsert them all to be able to "see through the windows". This is annoying when you have lots of windows and it happens 2 or 3 times!

Any ideas?


  • One thing that is worth checking is the way you start BricsCAD. In V16 I have noticed two assembly update issues if BricsCAD is started by double clicking a file in Windows Explorer. One has been fixed, the other SR is still listed as 'Open'. If BricsCAD is already running when the drawings are opened these update issues do not occur.
  •  I was experiencing something like this in V15. The response to the support request provided a workaround to "switch off DMAUTOUPDATE, open document, switch to model space, call DMUPDATE ." Give it a try.
  •  Hi again,

    Ok, I admit I am using ver 15 so perhaps things are better in ver 16. I have been trying to use BIM lately on a couple of houses I am drawing up. The BIM Insert for windows and doors has potential but is a REAL pain in the ass when it seems to lose its association with the wall it is connected to and no longer cuts the hole in the wall. I have to go around and cut these manually. Surely this is happening to others using ver 15? I have tried it on several different PCs.

    Thanks Roy and Richard for your responses - but did they not help in this case.
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