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BmBom convertion of volume?

Is there a way to convert the volume in the BOM from mm3 to m3 or dm3?


  • Oops... 'convertion' should be 'conversion'.
  • edited March 2018

    Hi guys, I guess it's solved by now. (blue)

    But the search lead me to here. So I'll politely "steal" your thread. (yellow highlight). :)
    I've been struggling with units/BOM also.
    Is there any obvious way to (suppress) control the behaviour of unit display in BOM?
    In the case display exactly and only the precision requested, even if the return is simply 0.000 m³

    In the image highlighted with yellow is an example. If the "true" value goes beyond the chosen precision.
    In this example 0.000 (3), it simply splash the entire value on the table.
    In fact it happens for several options, not just volume.
    Annoying to say the least.

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