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Viewport Overlap


I'm having some issues with viewports in paperspace, and I'm hoping someone has had this before and found a fix. I've attached an image showing two viewports, one is just a standard rectangle viewport, the other is a circle that has been converted to a viewport. When I lay the viewports on top of each other, the circle one gets hidden like its in some kind of draw order, however changing the draw order does not do anything.

Appreciate any help at all as from looking online I couldn't find a solution.



  • I think this maybe due to you using rendered visual style in both your viewports. To check whether this is the case you could temporarily set the viewports to 2D wireframe to see whether the issue goes away. Assuming this is the case, then you will have to make sure that the viewports don't overlap. Hopefully you can clip the other viewport to remove the overlap. Suggest that you also raise an SR.

    Jason Bourhill

  •  Hi Jason,

    Thanks very much, you were spot on. Little bit annoying but nothing I can't workaround.

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