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"Snap" issue with placing rasters

 I am officially having a bad day with BricsCad. A simple exercise I have done a million times is now not working the way I am used to.

I am trying to place a raster image on a base point so I can rotate and scale it - but it seems as though SNAP is on and it snaps some distance away on a grid. Snap is definitely off. I have rebooted the machine.


  • Dear Mr. Liddle
    Please file a support request and upload the drawing and the image you inserted in it. Describe precisely what you want to achieve. Our support analysts will be glad to investigate what might go wrong.

  •  Hi all,

    I had an epiphany in the middle of the night and realized what the problem was. Being a civil engineer I work in metres as opposed to millimeters, however, now moving to a BIM environment I am being forced into a millimeter (architectural) environment. I made the mistake of creating the 3D BIM model in REAL WORLD coordinates in millimeters, which resulted in HUGE numbers for BricsCAD to try and manipulate and this obviously resulted in the seeming SNAP issue described. I have separated the 3D BIM model, working in millimeters with a 0,0,0 origin nearby AND with a UCS aligned with the main building line. The program is faster and the SNAP symptom is resolved. I have the site layout with the cadastral boundaries in METRES and in REAL WORLD coordinates as a separate drawing and Xref into the drawing using a UCS. All good now.
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