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Why is my dwg file can't open in other Computer

 Good Day!

Why is Other Computer Can't open my saved dwg files.

I'm using BricscadV14.

Thanks in Advance.


  •  the other computer is using V14 and I've been sent a DWG file that won't open. 

    the message saying: 

    Unable to load drawing: 

    Invalid file version 
    The file seems to be corrupted . 
    Try using Recover to load the file. 

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Well, both V14 and V15 (as well as V16) support (and use by default) the latest DWG version, 2013, is what AutoCAD versions 2013 to 2017 use.
    You can see the file version by opening it in any text viewer and read the first few characters starting with AC10xx. The versions are as follows:
    AC1015 = AutoCAD 2000
    AC1018 = AutoCAD 2004
    AC1021 = AutoCAD 2007
    AC1024 = AutoCAD 2010
    AC1027 = AutoCAD 2013

    So your file is probably corrupted. Did you try to open it with 'Recover' as suggested?
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