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LISP API for Sheet Metal? Documentation?

The latest tutorial is 'Batch Processing in BricsCAD Sheet Metal'. Apparently there is a Lisp API for sheet metal since V15.3. Looking through the 'atoms-family' of V15.3.05 I do not see any functions that would appear to be part of that API. I have a V16 Platinum license, which, I think, means I can use Sheet Metal functionality in V15. What am I missing? Is there any documentation?


  •  Dear Roy,

    LISP API for sheet metal is under constant development, so we invest our time in to the functionality first. The best way to get assistance is to open a Support Request and we will provide you with examples and philosophy. We already treated several requests of such kind and moreover discussion with users allowed us to extend the functionality, so we are open for the dialog and your requests. Of course we understand that lack of documentation is not convinient and will try to eliminate it in few months.

    To give you a start point, LISP API for sheet metal is the only function SmLispGet to be called from LISP. This function retireves sheet metal data from the document by different queries. Its usage is like that (SmLispGet ), i.e.
    (SmLispGet "?") - help with all the actual requests (options)
    (SmLispGet "Thickness") - thickness of sheet metal context

    The approach is that user combines SmLispGet and direct modeling/sheet metal commands to solve his problem. 

    Some simple script which recreates the bend using SmLispGet and sheet metal commands is attached. I welcome you to open support request to continue discussion.

    Best regards,
      Egor Ermolin, Sheet Metal Team Leader


  • @ Egor
    Thank you for your explanation and the provided files. This already explains a lot. I have come across some minor issues and will report these in an SR. I look forward to the documentation.
    Thanks again.
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