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Issues with plotting V13 & V14 in Windows 10

I have two users one on V13 & V14 who I just recently upgraded their computers to Windows 10. When they go to plot a drawing either to a printer or to PDF will crash the computer with a Blue Screen of Death. Any other piece of software that they print from works fine. Their computers were running Windows 7 previous to this. I have four other users who are running V12 and have not had any problems with plotting. The work around we are currently using is plotting the drawings with AutoCAD Viewer.

I wanted to see if others have run into this problem?
I have tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling the software with no success.
BricsCAD works fine otherwise.


  • Maybe I should ask the question if there are users that have have either V13 or V14 and have upgraded to Windows 10 and are able to plot drawings without issues?
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