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Use AutoLISP to make current a ribbon tab

 I have a little issue regarding the activation/deactivation of ribbon tabs, using AutoLisp. It's about a .cui file wich has a pull-down menu, some toolbars and a ribbon. The ribbon is similar to the original, but I have a new extra-tab (MYTAB) wich I would like to become current after the .cui file is loaded. As we know, in AutoCAD exists a specify command, that allows us to make current a certain tab from a ribbon using:
(vl-cmdf "+RIBBON" "MYTAB.TG")
Does anyone know any other similar way in BricsCAD to make current a specify tab from a ribbon.
Another question is: can we keep the specify tab as current after closing and re-opening BricsCAD?

Thanks guys.


  • Indeed, the "+RIBBON" command is not present yet in BricsCAD :-(

    Best is to send us a support request (Bug report), this will influence priority to implemet this missing command.

    many greetings !
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