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Insert several blocks at once.

 Hi everybody,

I'm trying to insert a large amount of block in differents files, for the moment I'm doing this one by one using the "insert" command. Is there any ways to insert them all at once ?

Thanks a lot !


  • Pierre,
    It can probably be automated with lisp, but I would need some more details of exactly what you are doing and some examples to see if it is possible.  You can contact me at

    Many Thanks,
  •  Thanks Kevin,

    It's quite simple : I'm working files (let's called them A, B, C) and in every one of this files I have block (> 1,2,3).

    I want to modify the block named "1" in files A,B,C : so I do somes changes on my block and then I insert it in my file A, B and then C.

    The problem is that I have a LOT of block to insert in differents files. I would know a way to use the commande "Insert" but instead of selecting only block 1, I could select blocks 1,2,3 and insert them all. This way when Bricscad ask me if I want to "re-define" them, I would say "yes" and all my block will be up to date.

    I don't know if it's clear... (Sorry if my english sound weird) 

  • Dear Pierre
    Please watch the 'Copying definitions between open drawings' movie on Bricsys TV. you open both the source and the target drawing you can drag and drop block definitions between the source and target drawing. If a definition already exists in the target drawing you can choose to replace the existing block, to keep both or to skip the duplicate.

  •  Hello Louis !

    Wow ! Thanks a lot ! I can't believe it was that simple...!

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