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Freeze for Hatches


Since i've up to dated my Bricscad version from V16.1.07-1-en_US-amd64 to V16.1.09-1-fr_FR-amd64, i can't use hatches. The soft freeze and the terminal say to me : (bricscad:4298): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_get_direction: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed
Does anyone have a solution or the same problem ?



  • Also for me, (V16.1.09-1)  there is no freeze, but I can not produce hatch even of very simple square.
  • It is related to the file in some way, I can make hatch on a new file but not on existing one.
  • You can send us a SupportRequest with the mentioned dwg file .. so we can investigate.
    many greetings !
  • Thank you,
    I found a kind of solution, opened a new file and imported the existing file into the new file. That made some reset of settings and now hatch works as expected.
  • Hi,
    We have the same issue than Cyril.
    I installed v16 on the two posts of the agency (ubuntu 14.04LTS 64bits), both freeze and crash when we try to use Hatch on different projects, coming from v15 or v16windows.
    Actually, we have to use v15 to make hatches..

    For one of my files, I find a temporary solution : I deleted all existing hatches, purge and changing the HPBOUND and HPASSOC. It worked for a time, but now i could'nt  use nether icon nor command on any files. May I change something? I don't know...

    When I try to change existing haches's parameters , the size of the files increase considé 21 Mo, the second climb to 44Mo!

    I will send a request with my files,
    I hope, you'll find a solution at this big handicap.

    Thank you. Audrey V.
  • Hello Audrey,

    The problem that was initially reported by Cyril was caused by a wrong file encoding in the french localized version of BricsCAD.
    You may check the encoding of the pat files you are using by means of the "file" command, eg like this in a terminal window:

    [code]find ~/Bricsys/ | grep \.pat$ | xargs file[/code]

    The results should all be ASCII or UTF8.  If a pat file has ISO-8859 encoding, try opening it in gedit and save instead in UTF8 encoding.
    If it does not help, we'll have a closer look in the SR you entered.

  • Hello Tijs,
    You're solution resolved perfectly the problem.
    Thank you.

    Best Regards
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