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VLAX-CREATE-OBJECT does not work on 64 bit installation.

When I try to create an activex object in lisp with "VLAX-CREATE-OBJECT" it will only work in 32 bit BricsCAD. In the 64 bit version the object is not created on the same machine.

Is there a reason for this or is it a bug?


  • i havnt had this bevore.
    for me the Property works fine.
    Maybe there is an different wat kind of Applikation you want to create. May they have different Names for x86 and 64 systems.

  • Hi Bruno,

    When using multiple simultaneous BricsCAD installations, you must run the desired version at least one time 'as Administrator' so it can update the global COM registration. Try running your 64-bit BricsCAD "as Administrator", then COM should work correctly in the 64 bit BricsCAD (but start to fail in the 32-bit BricsCAD).


  •  I am trying to create a serial port object. 

    (VLAX-CREATE-OBJECT "MSCommLib.MSComm"), from the Microsoft Comm control 6.0 (MSCOMM32.OCX) library will not create an object on the 64 bit version. The 32 bit BricsCAD does create an object on the exact same machine.


    For the moment, I have my fix (use 32 bit). I was just wondering if it was a bug.

  •  Hi Owen,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will test.

    Best regards

  • Sorry, I assumed you were having trouble with a BricsCAD COM type. With the MS common controls library, it's the same problem, but it must be solved by installing and registering a 64-bit common controls COM library (and I have no idea whether one exists, sorry).


  • Dear Bruno, Dear Owen,

    as far as I remember, there is such a 64-bit CommonControls by Microsoft - but it is incorrectly registered in Registry, using the wrong path ...
    I remember that some VB/COM apps had the same problem ... there should be details on the web about ComCtrl32 as 64-bit version on the web.

    hope this helps a bit ...
    many greetings !
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