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DmFillet: how to reference an existing sizes?

edited February 2017 in 3D Modeling
Using the DmFillet command it seems impossible to reference existing sizes. In the image I am trying to set the fillet radius to half the size of the top face of the box (as indicated by the red line). But I can't find a way to do this. I have tried using _Perp but that doesn't work (note: I would prefer not to have to draw the red line). What am I missing?


  • Well, here is what I was missing:
    The dynamic dimension of _DmFillet measures its distance in a plane that is perpendicular to the current view direction. So even if you are able to select the edge by its midpoint and then select the midpoint of the red line, you will not get the correct distance using a view as shown in the image. This behavior seems strange and not in keeping with other aspects of BricsCAD (compare the _Distance command).

    Preselect the edge.
    Switch to a view with a view plane that is co-planar with the face you want to take a distance from.
    Start the _DmFillet command.
    You can now accurately click the endpoint for the fillet distance.
  • ... 'co-planar' should be 'parallel'.
  • ... Of course you can also use Lisp code when prompted for the fillet radius:
    (* 0.5 (getdist "\nPick 2 points: "))
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