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Bricscad V16 testing BIM

Hello guys!
On linux my big problem for me is artifact's or something like this (see attachemnt)
Why? Because my graphics card is not GTX?

This is my testing architecture work on Bricscad V16

You guys do a great job with Bricscad, is the first serious software for Architecture in Linux.
For the future Bricscad I expected a tools to make automatic stairs. 
Keep up the good work!


  • Hi Bogdan,

    Could you try various values of GLSWAPMODE variable? Different graphics cards usually require different values.
    If that doesn't work please consider filing a Support Request so we can better track and learn more about the issue.

    Best regards,
    Alexandru Branescu.
  • You never wrote what GPU vendor and driver you are using, but if you are on AMD; Set 'Settings/Display/GL Swap Mode' to '2' with fglrx driver, or '3' with radeon driver.
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