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Better resolution for paperspace

 Is possible define better "DPI/resolution" for Paper space?
I understand why detailed part drawing ie. pump, printed in 1:50 look like "smudge", it's because model is generated to virtual paper, like real and if are 10 lines with 0,5 mm weight between, it must look like "smudge".

But I mean, if is Viewport set to 1:50, it will be printed 1:50 on paper and also virtually I see and can zoom max. to 1:50, not behind (like 1:25 for better details).

If I print from this PDF, it's OK, but If I want view this PDF on monitor, I want see here more details, is this possible?

With detail like if I make scaled drawing frame in model and print from model.

Exactly I mean like this "hack" - but some direct set from BricsCAD:
- need print "hires" in 1:50
- make paper space
- make viewport, but not 1:50, but 1:5
- print it not 1:1 abut 1:10
- and this is what I need (but quite correct, beacsuse if I understand well PDF can't have "dynamic" lineweight according to scale, like it have model space)


  •  The quality of PDF depend a lot on how it is generated. I find that PDF generators installed as virtual printers do tend to yield pixelated results, which is reasonable given that the output is directed at a virtual page.

    Have you tried using the Publish command and, with it, BricsCAD's built-in PDF generator? Rather than generating bitmaps, this approach leverages the underlying PostScript engine in PDF to output vector objects.

    There are also effects from the type of viewport being printed. A 2D wireframe can be rendered as vectors more easily than a shaded solid model.
  •  Richard Webb said;
    > There are also effects from the type of viewport being printed. A 2D wireframe can be rendered
    >  as vectors more easily than a shaded solid model.

    Actually, I think that a 2D wireframe, or Legacy Hidden, are the only  type of rendering that is vector.  Everything else produces pixels. 

    For a true shaded view, I know some other CAD programs allow the option of overlaying vectors on top of the shaded view.  This permits it to use a lower resolution (and file size), while still permitting crisp lines.  But, I don't think there is any way to do this in BricsCAD.

  • If I understand correctly, the problem is line weights which do not adjust according to zoom magnification.
    I don't use line weights so I cannot make a suggestion.
    Do you need to?
    Many people use layer colours to associate pen thicknesses when printing, then everything appears thin on screen.
    Some drafting standards do not allow line weights.
  •  I think the issue may be one that I recently had discussed in a thread.  One of the issue is that solids ignore their line weight settings.

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