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Always use crosshairs, V16

Can anyone tell me where to find the switch to turn on "always use crosshairs"?  The Customizing BricsCADV16 manual describes this control, but I cannot find it anywhere.  I find those crosshairs really useful.


  •  Jeff,
    I'm not sure if this is the same thing you're looking for, but the settings for crosshairs size exists under Settings/Program Options/Display...unfortunately, it doesn't work on the Mac version of BricsCAD (or at least not on mine, which is V161.08).  I set mine to 100 but it doesn't change the size.  I too would like the crosshairs to be full screen, if that's what you're referring to. 
  • William,
    yes, crosshair size is there.  I had set it to 100, and it does work on my Mac, but I was also trying to have the crosshairs on all of the time, not just when specific commands were activated.  I don't how it happened, but now the crosshairs are always on despite not finding the "always use crosshairs" switch.
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