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Opacity on grid lines


is there any way to add opacity to grid lines to make them look like in AutoCAD ?




  • Yep.

    I have the background color set to Black in model space and have setup gridlines as follows:-

    Open setting and type "Grid" in the search box at the top. then hit the down arrow until you come to "Snap/Grid". Hit the "+" to open up the options.

    then change the following settings

    Grid Axis color 252

    Grid major color 251

    Grid minor color 250

    Those settings are not quite as subtle as what you can get in AutoCAD but they are very close and makes the workspace much easier to work with.



  • P.S.

    In the "display" setting I also have the following settings

    X axis color 11

    Y axis color 112

    Z axis color 150

  • Thank you Denis, will try your setting later today.
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