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Selling BricsCAD license / transferring license


is it possible to sell a BricsCAD license + addons and transfer those licenses to another user ?




  • Per EULA:

    Grant of License
    ......BricsCad hereby grants End-User-Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable license as follows

    No Assignment or Transfers
    You shall not sublicense, sell, lease, rent, assign or otherwise transfer the rights granted herein without the prior written consent of BricsCad. BricsCad shall not unreasonably withhold or delay such consent in the event of a change of control or ownership in the entity for which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is being
  • Thanks Robt,

    that doesn't neccessarily means its completely impossible but needs the permission of Bricsys.

    Anyone from Bricsys here ?


  • Looks like unless your selling the business or entity that holds the license you are not able to personally sell your license. Not an unreasonable license provision.
  •  I have always felt the restrictions on transferring ownership of software were bad. Earlier in Autodesk's history, you could transfer a license. Autodesk charged a fee for that, which I think was around $200.  Even that felt a bit excessive, and was beyond what it should have cost them for administrating the transfer. Then, later they figured they could make more money, by having those licenses disappear when a company closes.

    The restrictions on selling essentially mean you have a potentially worthless asset.  There have been some software packages I would have liked to use for a project, but was not certain it was the best choice.  A 30-day trial of a complex piece of software is really useless.  And normally, you can't devote many hours from a month into the investigation. It really takes months of full-time use to get a good handle on a piece of complex software.  And you really have to work through an entire project before you know 100%. When you do that, you also want the work you invested to be used for the business, and not just thrown out because your trail was limited to non-commercial use.

    When thoroughly testing a piece of software requires spending several thousand dollars, which may be discarded, it is definitely a disincentive to try it out.

    And while software monthly licensing is one possible solution, Autodesk went to the other extreme, and stopped selling perpetual licenses for their CAD software. So, they expect us to spend thousands of man-hours on a project creating CAD data, and hope they stay in business if we want to make use of our CAD data in the future. No thanks.

  • in the EU - the EULA above is not valid. It is a scare tactic used.

    If you **buy **ANY software in the EU (Download or Physical) - you are ALWAYS allowed to sell it later. You can't split multi seat licenses though.

    But there are quite a few court cases around proving you can resell any software license no matter what the EULA says.

    Oracle lost out big and their lawyers could not fight it - so I think you are safe with selling your BricsCAD licenses as LONG as you de-activate all your own copies first.

    There can be issues if Brics only sell it as a license - but the current website shows things as perceptual sales and not perceptual licenses - and you can't read documents or contracts before the sale - so any sale of the website would be applicable to resell.

    But it is of course up to an individual to decide on the risk factor.

    But if anyone have a Brics license for sale :) I could do with one .... :)


  • edited July 2017

    @klarsen said:
    If you **buy **ANY software in the EU (Download or Physical) - you are ALWAYS allowed to sell it later.

    that is dramatic news - thanks [tho i'm not selling my brics - sorry1]

  • There are a number of links out there where companys try to decline software licence transfer.
    Personally I'm going to ask Bricsys no about my v17 Platinum license + BIM and Sheetmetal. I'd like to switch to something else.

  • @Joe Dunfee said:
    Then, later they figured they could make more money, by having those licenses disappear when a company closes.

    In their defense, they do still allow license transfer when a company is purchased. I'm sure that Bricsys does the same thing.

  • The transfer of a license by purchasing a company, or its assets being sold because of bankruptcy is the only situation where such transfer of licenses are required to be permitted in the U.S.

    But, the vendors that sell high-dollar software generally don't want to permit license transfers unless they are forced to. Other than the exceptions above, the U.S. software vendors are able to essentially make a companies asset of software completely worthless if the company no longer wants to use that software. I suppose their motivation is to keep cheaper copies of the software of of the market.

    At the company where I now work, we were considering going to SolidWorks when our finances permitted it. But, if we ended up not wanting to continue to use it, we would be abandoning $6,000 worth of invested money. So we were debating if a special subsidy of the company could be created to own this large software purchase, and then we could sell that division to another company if it was warranted. But, somehow I doubt such a process could really pass muster if the software vendor really wanted to press it.

    Often it seems that choosing a CAD program is less about comparing features, than it is about escaping bad companies that are run by the sales department.


  • Just an update:
    My ticket about that license transfer stuff from Jul, 25th is still unanswered. I just sent them a reminder today.

  • edited September 2017

    Finally got a reply and was asked, who the new licence holder will be.
    No statement though if it is OFFICIALLY possible.

    So if anyone is interested in an English version of BricsCad 17 Platinum with Sheetmetal & BIM - feel free to contact me.

    EDIT: Got a reply from a German reseller today. They confirmed that the license transfer IS possible. They just need the full address + emal form the new license holder.
    Pricing can be discussed - something like 1000€ including 19% VAT.

  • Still available. Current upgrade price from v17 Platinum with addons is 560€ ex VAT

  • Still available for 800€. Bricsys v17 Platinum license + BIM and Sheetmetal

  • @weedywhizz said:
    Still available for 800€. Bricsys v17 Platinum license + BIM and Sheetmetal

    Is this still available ? Please PM me. Thanks

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