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Assign function keys for snap, ortho, etc?

Is it possible to assign function keys to control snap, ortho and grid on/off?


  • Is it possible to assign function keys to control snap, ortho and grid on/off?

    Hi Jeff.

    They already are

    F2= History Window

    F3 turns osnap on and off

    F4 = tablet on/off

    F5 change the plane when in iso mode

    F6 = dynmic UCS on/off

    F7 = grid on/off

    F8 = ortho on/off

    F9 = grid snap on/off

    F10 = polar tracking on/off

    F11 = object snap tracking on/off

    Some laptops/pcs have the function keys remapped to do other functions (e.g. Audio controls like play, volume up, down etc.) If that is the case then the function keys will not work in bricscad unless you hold down the "Fn" key and then hit the relevant Function Key. Alternatively, you should be able to go into bios settings and change it so that the function keys work properly and you have to hit the "Fn" key first to make them do the other Audio functions.

    It takes a little bit to get use to them and I can't remember which one is which off the top of my head because I just hit them automatically on autopilot without thinking about it. When I first started working with CAD we put a strip of sticky tape above the keys and wrote an abbreviation of what each Function key did. Now you can also see the result with the list of function names along the bottom, RH side of the bricsCAD screen.



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