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Using dynamic blocks on v14

 I realize that dynamic blocks cannot be edited, but were supposed to be usable on BricsCAD v14.  Since I now have some limited access to AutoCAD, I have opportunity to design some dynamic blocks.  But, when I try to use them in BricsCAD, the results are not usable.

One of the issues is that fields don't seem to update. So, perhaps that is a limitation.  But, the other seems to be that the stretching action is just not working properly.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but these blocks do work when I tried them in AutoCAD 2015.

Perhaps someone can advise me if there are criteria and limitations I should keep in mind when I am creating a dynamic block for BricsCAD v14.  Attached is a DWG with the blocks inserted, and notes about what did not work.



  •  FWIW, I tried bringing the drawing into V16 and got an " (4E4F)" error. I was able to open the drawing using the Recover utility but it's possible that a constraint (or several) got left on the table.

    Attached jpg shows what I got when trying to duplicate your actions on the dynamic blocks. Not identical results in V16 but similar.
  • Thank you very much for your effort.  I ran an audit on both individual block files on my v14, and both had 4 errors.

    I will re-created them with AutoCAD and see if I can get better results.

  •  I was HTML-tagged! The actual error I got on bringing it into V16 (via Open not via Recover) was "left angle bracket" AcDbAssoc2dConstraintGroup "right angle bracket" (4E4F) but the inside-the-brackets text was apparently eaten by the forum's parser.

    Bringing it in via Recover yielded a few additional complaints, attached as a text file. 

    Interestingly, a common value for DBL_MAX is (pulled from ISO/IEC 9899:2011)
    DBL_MAX 1.7976931348623157E+308 // decimal constant
    DBL_MAX 0X1.fffffffffffffP1023 // hex constant
    Then compare that to
    Value: Double - 1.79769e+307; 
    Validation: Invalid; 
    Replaced by: Set to 0.
    in the recovery log.


  •  It seems that BricsCAD v14 cannot properly use the Dynamic Blocks that I create on AutoCAD v 2015.

    I can't seem to find any predictable pattern to what features work and what don't.  The only thing that seem consistant, is that if I audit the DBLOCK dwg file in BricsCAD, it shows 4 errors.  Though, the same audit done in AutoCAD v 2015 does not show any errors.

    Attached are the files, if anyone is interested.


    Door-Infitting DBlock.dwgDoor-Sliding DBlock.dwg

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