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Xerces Error

 When I try to start BricsCAD now I get a message stating "Xerces Error - Fatal Error at the file /Users/Bill/Library/Preferences/Bricsys/BricsCAD/V16x64/en_US/Support/default.cui, line 1, char 1.  Invalid document structure".  This happens when I click on a cad file to launch the program and when I click on the BricsCAD icon to launch from scratch.  After starting it asks if I want to start a file from scratch, open a file, etc. BricsCAD still starts after this, but my menubar is not there. Has anyone else had this problem?  Any idea how to fix it?  Thanks.


  •  I seem to have found somewhat of a solution for this.  After opening BricsCAD again I went to File, then Menu and was able to select the default cui file to get my menu back on the screen.  It hadn't saved my custom menubar layout, but I was able to put the menu layout back together and it seems to be working fine now.  Thanks.  
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