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MTEXT cannot control font formating

Been trying to use v16 MTEXT on a Mac, but I cannot set the font size or format to anything but the default.  My text styles are all set to zero height, so they should allow for variable text heights.   I can change the text height in the Property Bar, but not within the MTEXT editor.  When I do set the height in the Property Bar, that height then becomes the default in the editor.  Am I missing a setting or something?  Anyone else encounter this problem?


  • I can reproduce this problem, the character height combo box indeed does not work in the MText toolbar.
    I noted this as an issue with urgent priority.
    It is still useful to enter a support request, so we can notify you about the progress (you can mention internal issue number #7156).

    Kind Regards
    Tijs Vermeulen
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