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Exporting various size drawings

I've been using Export to create pdfs successfully with 11x17 (inch) drawings, but when I try to export any other standard size drawings I have, such as 24x36 inch, all I get is a blank 8.5x11 size pdf.  I can't seem to figure out why one size works well but the others don't.  I have standard page setups for all the sizes I've tried but only the 11x17 export follows the page layout setup, it seems.  

My export settings include:
Export paper space (0) Current layout
Export page setup (0) Default
Picture format scale factor (1)

Pdf export
Convert SHX text to geometry (unchecked)
Zoom to extend (unchecked)
Pdf layouts to export (0) Active
Pdf paperspace override (unchecked)
Pdf overrides paper width 210
Pdf overrides paper height 297
Pdf use plotsytle (checked)

Any thoughts?


  • Check the page setup.
  • Roy,
    Thanks for your response.  I upgraded to BricsCAD version 16.2.10 this weekend and have been trying since then to export pdfs successfully but I'm still having the same issue...only my 11x17 page setup exports successfully to pdfs, while other setups (which all plot and preview fine using the Print command) don't export correctly...still getting a vertical blank page pdf for the others.  I need to use Export since my drawings include jpeg images and it appears the program still hangs when trying to Print with jpegs in the drawing.  I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if this is a common issue.

    On a related note, do you know why I might be seeing a duplicate list of page setups in the page setup window?  Attached is an image from seems the setups at the top reference those at the bottom...not sure how I ended up with two...even Model is shown twice here.  I'm wondering if I can delete half the setups listed.

     I appreciate your help!  Thank you.
    imageBricsCAD Page Setup List.png
  • Problem #1:
    Judging from the information you have provided, this seems to be a bug in the Mac version of BricsCAD. I suggest sending in a Support Request.

    Problem #2:
    You can delete the page setups that are not being used (i.e. those with names that do not start and end with '*'). But the fact that you can base a page setup on another can be very useful if you want to keep them synchronized.
  •  Thanks, Roy.  I will follow-up with a support request on this matter, unless I stumble across a solution today (in which case I'll report back).  I appreciate your advice on both issues.  Cheers.
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