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UK Ordnance Survey Tiles: TEXT_ROAD_NAME Layer Misplacing

 I'm not exactly a whizz when it comes to CAD so hopefully my problem is a simple fix. Often I need to attach (INSERT BLOCK) two or more OS tiles into a drawing. When I insert the first it displays correctly. When I insert the second, all layers display correctly, with the exception of the TEXT_ROAD_NAME layer. Basically all the buildings and kerbs align with the other block, but the road names are all over the place? Why does this happen? How do I stop it? I have a couple of sample tiles I can email for you to play with?

I have tried this in several drawings with the same effect.
If I insert them as XREF's again the first displays correctly with the right colour attributes, but the second, although all layers correctly placed, the layers are the wrong colour. They do not display as per the original tile/dwg but the building layer is shown as red, not grey for example.

All I want to do is load up 2-4 OS tiles and for them all to be displayed correctly.


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