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Known limitations of dynamic blocks in v14?

As I was creating some dynamic blocks in AutoCAD and then using them in BricsCAD v14, I came across some limitations.  And I was hoping to find a list of known limitations before I undertake creating some other objects.  I only have occasional use of the AutoCAD seat, and it is some drive away from my home, where I have my BricsCAD seat. So, I am particularly motivated to avoid the trial-and-error approach I did with my sliding door dblock.

One limitation I already know about, is that fields based on a dimension do not work.

The current project I want to do is to create a dynamic block of a simple refrigeration evaporator.  It would simply be a square with the model # on it.  So, there would be a table with the model listing and the corresponding sizes for each model. The user would simply select the model, and then the dblock should adjust its size.

It is important that the model# also show on the drawing.  But, I am not certain yet how this is done, nor if BricsCAD v14 is able to do it.

The help file does not list the limitations.  Does anyone else know off the top of their head?



  • My observation is that BricsCAD improves with each release and I expect some problems in v14 may not exist in v16.  Given the low cost of BCAD upgrades you should consider one.  They maintain a detailed list of revisions so you can search it for Dynamic if you want to know ahead of time.
  • I had not though to look at the release notes from later versions.  Thank for that idea.  This will at least give me a list of non-supported dblock functions that were resolved.

  •  I just checked the release notes, and see that there were no fixes for the ability to display a property in an attribute in a dynamic block.

    Although, there may be one option, which is to put text for each of the model numbers, and hide all but the text of the model that is chosen. But, that would be more than a little tedious to implement.

  •  Joe,
         Remember you can download V16 and try it for 30 days to see if it performs better than V14.  If you make sure that it does not take over the file associations, it will not affect your v14 version at all. I have done that in the past when looking at new features.  Sometimes things are fixed or updated without explicit references in the notes.

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